SSA Exhibition 2018 at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery

This wonderful ‘Seasons’ Exhibition of SSA members’ art is now open at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Hanley and continuing until February 24th 2019. Members and their family, friends and the general public are strongly encouraged to visit the Museum & Art Gallery and enjoy its many significant displays, of which our Exhibition is one not to be missed!

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Opening Night at Keele, Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Tuesday 2 May was the opening night for the 2017 Spring Exhibition at Keele University. There was an extremely good turnout, as commented on by several people that night. The evening started at 6.00pm and was officially opened by Fiona Cownie, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Keele University. She welcomed everyone for attending and explained the thinking behind the exhibition. Afterwards she introduced John Thirlwall, the Society President, who thanked her and spent some time thanking several members of the Society and Keele staff for their work behind the scenes. John particularly picked out the work by Sue Fox, Mike Reeves, Lesley Miller and Philip Proudlove who had taken part in receiving work, adjudicating, and preparing the posters, catalogue and labels. In John’s own words he said: “I think that the quality of unobtrusive efforts too often go unnoticed and unheralded, but just to let you know that I thought these added much to the quality of the show. I also feel that the quality of the information board and the supportive comments from the Pro-Vice Chancellor and the work of Kerry Jones all deserve acknowledgment from us.”

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Visit To Port Sunlight, Monday 10th April 2017

On Monday 10th April this year we visited the Port Sunlight Village and the Lady Lever Gallery in Cheshire. We travelled by coach, Robin Hood Travel (an excellent company to work with incidentally), arriving at the venue in good time to view the Lady Lever Gallery exhibition of paintings and sculptures, taking advantage to view several Pre-Raphaelite works of art. A very worthwhile visit, we really needed more time to take in all of the fantastic exhibits. Lunch was available at several tea rooms and afterwards we all met up to enjoy a visit to the museum where we were treated to a 20-minute film show “Sunlight Spirit” exploring social living through the decades, this was surprisingly very interesting, with many “Oh! I remember that!”s. A short tour of the village gave the opportunity to look in more detail at the unique architecture and landscape. There was also a Pub and new garden centre, so there really was something for all. We were joined for the day by a few members and wives of the Stoke-on-Trent Male Voice Choir, WI ladies (fully clothed) and members of my local art group. So it really was a group of mixed interests and everyone “got on” famously. A very pleasant day was had by all and some new friendships made. Many thanks to all of you who took part.

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Letter To The Society Of Staffordshire Artists, 28th June 2017

“It was heartwarming and encouraging to visit the May 2017 Exhibition at Keele University and see so many good paintings. Even better, it was incredible that the Society had transformed itself from a recent very low point, and restored its reputation as a leading arts group. It was so good to see the names of former very active members again and, a very difficult thing to achieve, many members had blossomed afresh. With new, or renewed, members inspiring fresh approaches, and this spirit, the Society should now be fine well into the future. This could not have been achieved without belief, mutual support and sheer hard work. All credit to the new President and evidently a very active Committee and helpers, for inspiring the members to achieve this almost unbelievable resurgence. I wish you all good painting.”

Gordon Lancaster

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